The Association

Denim Manufacturers Association is nation’s first association that has been formed with the aim to promote, establish and preserve the interest of the Denim. Denim Manufacturers Association provides a platform for manufacturers and exporters to come along and endeavor this goal.

Today, members of the association work to envisage the Denim market in India and abroad so as to take Denim fabric to greater heights. The association also caters to all the problems being faced by the Denim market and also believes in bringing new techniques and innovations for up gradation of the Denim fabric across the globe.

Denim Manufacturers Association is committed to improve the quality of Denim raw material and its production in the cutting edge era of innovation and technology. It also acts as a place where information related to the activities of Denim can be communicated and promoted.

Today, Denim Manufacturers Association has defined a unique place, where progression is made to expand the horizon of Denim as a fabric to emerge on the scene with a new interpretation.