History of Denim

Denim is one of the world's oldest fabrics, yet it remains eternally young. The tough, durable and the most popular fabric has been ruling the hearts of the people ever since its origin.

The iconic fabric has its own history, the word Denim comes from the name of sturdy fabric serge, which was originally made in Nimes, France. Denim was originally called serge de Nimes, but was soon shortened to what it is today known as Denim.

Denim fabric was initially used by workers because of its durability as it did not wear out soon. It was exceptionally strong and was apt for their daily jobs.

The first Denim fabric was created in Chieri, a town near Turin; it was then sold through the port of Genoa. It was after that it was used for various purposes, but initially it was used by Genoese Navy as all purpose sailor pants.

Today, Denim fabric stands distinct and well-loved in the contemporary trends. Denim fabric has managed to mark difference amongst the fashion-followers as it is trendy, simple and comfortable.