Innovation with Denim

Denim fabric has been ruling the fashion streets ever since it came into being. Looking at the popularity and the admiration that it has received from its followers, the manufacturers of denim fabric have always tried to bring out something innovative for them.

Along with the traditional ways, new experiments are being done; as a result we get variety in denim fabric.

  • Organic Denim
  • The use of organic cottons is prevalent these days to make Organic Denim, besides this, potato starch, natural indigo etc are also used to manufacture Organic Denims.

  • Cordura Denim Fabric
  • Another innovation brought in the market is the use of Cordura Denim fabric, which has been developed by using LYCRA T400 fiber as well as LYCRA fiber. This fiber offers comfort and feel of cotton denim with long-lasting durability.

  • Denim Fabric with More Than Cotton
  • Denim fabric is also manufactured using polyamide, lycra, polypropylene or with polyester and a special bonding with a 100% nylon net for a more lively look. This fabric is actually a mix of nylon, cotton and elastane blend yarns.

  • Silicone Softening Technology
  • A new granular softening technology is used to manufacture Denim fabric these days in order to increase its productivity. The specialty of this technique is that it has potentially reduced the use of amount of water, energy, and labor required in the manufacturing process.