Membership Guidelines

To become a member of Denim Manufacturers Association, any company should fulfill the following criteria :

  • Any Denim Manufacturer, being a Company, with minimum Denim manufacturing installed capacity of 5 Million meters per annum could become a Member of the Association.
  • Every application for admission as a member of the Association shall be in the form prescribed and shall be proposed in writing by one Member and seconded in writing by another Member of the Association and such a proposal duly signed by them shall be presented to the Managing Committee of Association.
  • Every Applicant, whose application is accepted by the Committee as a foresaid, shall, within 7 days of such communication to the Applicant, pay :
    • A non refundable Admission fee of `50,000 and
    • An Annual subscription fee @ `50,000 for each line of Rope dyeing / sheet dyeing, subject to maximum of `2.00 lacs per annum.