Modern to up the ante on wool denim innovation

Publish Date : Jun-03-2013

Ahmedabad-based Modern Denim is set to increase focus on its pioneering wool denim fabric after having bagged orders from global brands such as Diesel and HNM. The company stumbled upon a combination of wool and denim as part of its R and D activities, and is now finding several takers in the western market for its innovation.

`Using desk-loom, we have been conducting research to come up with several functional and performance denim. We have been tweaking conventional denim with technical textiles as well. It was under such research activities that we struck on the idea of wool denim. Now that we have bagged orders from giants like Diesel and HNM, we will enhance our focus on this functional denim fabric,` said a senior company official on condition of anonymity.

Accodring to the official, Modern Denim will look to take up the share of wool denim to 15-20 per cent by next year from the current five per, out of the total capacity of 30 million metres per annum.

`We now see a huge demand for wool denim in exports, especially in the regions of Australia, US and European countries since these are much colder climates. Hence, a wool denim offers the right mix of warm wear plus work wear,` the official stated.

Besides wool denim, Modern Denim has also developed several other types of performance denim.

The company recently showcased these recent innovations at the second edition of Indigo, the flagship denim B2B expo organised by the Denim Club India (DCI).

`We have also developed double-faced fabric with one-side denim and other side laminated fleece. With the fabric being anti-static, it can be used for reversible jacket. The other innovation is water resistant denim which is coated with PU. The fabric has laminated membrane in-between to absorb perspiration, something which one can`t avoid in conventional raincoats,` the official stated.

Further, in a bid to boost more work-wear denim, Modern Denim has also developed corduroy denim wherein corduroy is woven on denim with sulphur colour and denim with melange look along with printed denim.

Buoyed by the success of its functional denim among its global clients, Modern Denim expects a 20-25 per cent CAGR over its current turnover of ` 220 crore.