Brief on Meeting with Shri.K.S.Rao Hon’ble Textile Minister & Shri.Ajay Shankar Member Secretary N.M

Publish Date : Mar-11-2014

We are happy to inform you that a delegation of D.M.A. led by Mr.Sharad Jaipuria, President along with Mr.S.K. Gupta, Mr. Aamir Akhtar, Mr.Akhilesh Rathi, Mr.Rajiv Dayal and Mr.Gagandeep Singh met the Hon’ble Textiles Minister Mr.K.S. Rao along with Mr.Dinesh Kumar officiating Textile Commissioner on Tuesday 11th March,2014. Photographs enclosed.

Mr. Jaipuria briefed Hon’ble Textile Minister about previous meeting of D.M.A. delegation at his office on 13th December,2013.

Mr.Jaipuria  informed Minister that the purpose of this meeting is to give him a presentation on “Branding of Indian Denim” and as well as a presentation on “ Key Highlights of Indian Denim Industry” .

Thereafter Mr.Aamir Akhtar gave a detailed presentation to Minister on Branding of Indian Denim. It is hereby informed that while making presentation Mr.Aamir Akhtar highlighted following main aspects :

How Indian Heritage can play an important role in Branding of Indian Denim.
India being pioneer in production of Indigo.
Relevance of Cotton Abundance in India.
Importance of craftsmanship in India for branding.
How multiple fashions, colors and traditions can play an important role in distinguishing Indian Denim Globally.
Highlighted the concept of eco-friendly denim by using plant dyed indigo, Khadi denim etc.

It is hereby further informed that Mr.Aamir Akhtar also placed before Minister some samples of Handloom Denim, Khadi Denim, Hand Painted Denim, Denim with traditional embroidery work etc.
Both Minster and officiating Textile Commissioner praised the presentation given by Mr.Aamir Akhtar and showed their consensus in regard to the relevance of promoting Indian Denim as a Brand.

Thereafter Mr.Rajiv Dayal gave a presentation to Minister on “ Key Highlights of Indian Denim Industry”. During the course of the presentation Mr.Rajiv Dayal highlighted the following aspects :

Installed Denim Capacity, Investment in the Industry, Labor employment by the Industry,
       Turnover of the Industry, Export Turnover etc.
Indian Denim fabric production, consumption and trade balance for 2012-13.
How Indian Denim exports can achieve greater heights with multiple supporting factors.
How branding can lead to incremental exports, generation of employment, foreign exchange earnings etc.
Activities required to be undertaken to promote Indian Denim as a brand.
Explanation and justification for the support required from Government for promoting Indian Denim.

After conclusion of the presentation both Minister & officiating Textile Commissioner praised the presentation made before them and showed their keen interest in helping the Industry.  

Minister further suggested if D.M.A. can also provide him with some more calculations in regard to revenue benefits to Government, if they are giving grant to Industry for its branding. Minster further informed that these calculations will help him in making a strong recommendation Finance Ministry in giving this grant to Denim Industry for promotion of its Branding.

It is hereby further informed that DMA delegation also met Mr.Ajay Shankar, Member Secretary, N.M.C.C. on Tuesday, 11th March,2014 and both of the above stated presentations were made before him as well.

Mr.Ajay Shankar was also favorably inclined by the presentations made by D.M.A. and assured for helping the industry in the best possible manner.

Mr.Ajay Shankar also suggested that D.M.A. should also make these presentations to Textile Secretary and Commerce Secretary as well.

This is for information of members please..

Thanking You.

Yours Sincerely
Gagandeep Singh
Company Secretary
Denim Manufacturers Association.